face mack-up

The beauty-multi-purpose-tool for a vital look and perfectly hidden skin irregularities: With the BEAUTY IS LIFE wonderstick reddenings and under-eye circles are perfectly concealed. At the same time the BEAUTY IS LIFE wonderstick is ideal for highlighting and modeling. The silky texture merges with the skin, and it doesn’t settle into fine lines.

Owing to its fine texture, the BEAUTY IS LIFE wonderstick can be applied and blended with effortless ease. Unattractive skin irritations or pigmentation marks are quickly and effectively covered. Facial features like eyebrows, lips, cheekbones, the ridge of the nose and the corners of the eyes can be specially accentuated with optical highlights. The creamy texture and moisturizing ingredients give a smooth and even skin appearance. The BEAUTY IS LIFE wonderstick impresses with his excellent opacity and lends tired skin a fresh look.

Professional tip by Beatrix Isabel Lied: “Considering the fact, that light brings forward, you should always keep in mind, to brighten up your noose groves with the BEAUTY IS LIFE wonderstick.”


Content: 0.25 Gramm